Kwartet Jorgi - To I Tao (1991)

In the early 1980's, when
in Poland all was "quiet" as a result of the martial law imposed by general Jaruzelski, Maciej Rychly went hiking in the quietness of the mountains to learn from the villagers how to play the shepherds' whistles. Then, in 1984, he formed Kwartet Jorgi with the help of his brother Waldek at the guitar. The band was based in the city of Poznan, but travelled widely across Eastern Europe to collect the folk music of Poland, Ukraine and the Balkans. Kwartet Jorgi gave concerts as far as Brazil, Canada and Australia, and also created music for the theatre. Maciej Rychly is also an accomplished writer.

In my opinion, the 1991 album "To I Tao" is surely one of their highest achievements. Here are s
ome quotes (freely edited) from the album sleeve:

Wandering creates our music. We meet musicians. While other people can donate objects, they donate their heritage.

Culture isn't good or bad in itself. It is like cultivation. There are many cultivations. There are no monocultures. How can one measure richness ? By the multitude of harmonies. The one who feels harmony accepts the necessity of diversity.

The forests and the mountains are sanctuaries, where spirituality finds refuge. And then there are the dreams. Dreaming you reach the borders.

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rapatang said...

kwartet jorgi jest niesamowity, they are incredible, I was twice at their concerts

biedrzyn said...

Very good polish music!I recommend more great bands : Atman and Osjan.