Kimmo Pohjonen - Kluster (2002)

«The recipient of Folk Musician of the Year awards in 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999, Kimmo Pohjonen has brought a modern sensibility to the traditional accordion music of Finland. A veteran of pop and rock bands, Pohjonen continues to apply what he’s learned to the folk music of his homeland. […]

Credited only to Kimmo Pohjonen’s name, Kluster is actually a duo project with sampler artist Samuli Kosminen. Following the release of this album, the pair would start performing under that moniker. The title – and direction – of this album also contributed the "K" in KTU, Pohjonen and Kosminen’s subsequent collaboration with King Crimson’s Trey Gunn and Pat Masteloto. Kluster (the album) sees Pohjonen extrapolating on the more beat-driven aspects of his debut recording Kielo. The more Scandinavian folk elements are out, the rockier side gets more room to shine, and experimentation pervades every corner of the album. Every sound heard was produced either by Pohjonen’s accordion or voice. The accordionist is already prone to use digital effects to loop and manipulate his own playing. In addition, Kosminen plays accordion and vocal samples taken from Pohjonen. If Pohjonen strikes the body of his instruments a few times, Kosminen picks up on it and quickly produces a rock-like beat. Elsewhere, the samples are turned into abstract electro-acoustic pieces. Through it all, Pohjonen’s unique form of songwriting prevails: rock, even progressive rock riffs on accordion paired with an unshakeable folk feel. Tracks like "Ohimo," "Keko," and "Voima" are full-fledged prog rock tunes – you can actually hear how Gunn could fit in his Warr guitar licks. It’s no surprise that KTU performed these songs live. If on Kielo accordion and technology blended together to produce timeless music, things are different on Kluster. The instrument itself becomes more of a source than the center of attention. There is still plenty of virtuosic playing, but it is often hidden deep into the thick arrangements. Accordion enthusiasts should start with Kielo. Prog rock fans who want more after hearing KTU’s music should proceed here.» (AMG)

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