Pentangle - Live at the BBC 1969-72 (1995)

One of the finest bands from the late 60s “English folk revival” scene in a series of mostly good quality recordings from the BBC archives. A must have for all Pentangle enthusiasts.

«Pentangle were unique in adapting traditional folk material, blues and their own bluesy, folky songs to the jazz rhythms driven by [Danny] Thompson’s upright acoustic bass and [Terry] Cox’s laid-back drumming. The restraint of this rhythm section allowed the acoustic guitar playing of [Bert] Jansch and [John] Renbourn, whose styles were generally unsuited to electric instruments (though Renbourn sometimes used low-amplified, hollow-bodied electric guitar) plenty of space to interweave complex threads of melody behind and between [Jacqui] McShee’s and Jansch’s vocals. McShee’s ability to use her strong and steady voice as a fifth instrument, particularly behind Jansch’s vocals, added further depth to the band’s sound.» (From the liner notes to Live at the BBC)

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Radu said...


Valery Novgorodov said...

The Pentangle is one of my favorite group. I`ve got all their albums since 1969 up to 1972. Except this one. But it`s on megaupload again... so sad:(
May be you are interested in some russian music, folk?

Radu said...

Hi, Valery. Now I don't have the time, but in the next few days I'll upload it in Rapidshare, so stay tuned!
As for Russian music, yes, I'm interested! It would be very nice of you if you could upload some music that I could share with all other Babe(b)logue readers. Any idea?


Valery said...

Hi, Radu. About Pentangle - thanks a lot. I will wait - it`s not problem, really.
I can upload some albums.
You also may look here http://www.sendspace.com/file/0obu9q
This is The Shin, Georgian folk/ethno-jazz group, based in Germany now.

Valery said...

Raznotravie "Katorga" 2001 look here http://rapidshare.com/files/20408370/___________-Raznotravie________-Katorga.rar

Radu said...

Here's the RapidShare link:



Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for The Pentangle. Did you like Raznotravie? Next will be Reel which is now called Va-Ta-Ga. The folk-group from Petrozavodsk. Album "Strannie ludi", in english - "strange people"

valery said...

Hi, Radu. It is the link for Va-Ta-Ga "Strannie ludi"
I think it`s the best group working with the traditional folk songs.
http://www.4rt.ru/img/item/5103/front.jpg - here is the cover of the CD

Radu said...

Hi, Valery. Yes, I did appreciate Raznotravie, I've posted right now. Thanx also for uploading Va-Ta-Ga. I'll listen to it as soon as I can.

cgm said...

Thanks for this hard to find gem.

Rick said...

thanks for this Pentangle. the link is still good.

www.muebles-en-madrid.com said...

It can't actually work, I believe so.

Scouse Tony said...

Any chance of a re-upload?
Would be brilliant, probably my fave band ever.