Angelique Kidjo - Oremi (1998)

«Afro-pop star Angelique Kidjo's last album of the 1990s is her best yet. Titled Oremi, which means "friends," her fifth album is a tour de force with many great collaborations, including hip-hop star Kelly Price ("Open Your Eyes"), Robbie Neville, Cassandra Wilson (the duet "Never Know"), and Branford Marsalis. Oremi is the first CD in a proposed "American" trilogy exploring the connections between African music and R&B. The album begins with a reinterpretation of Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child," perhaps the best cover of his material ever. Oremi, however, is not simply a stylistic album; higher consciousness and political sentiments are here too, especially with the impassioned plea in "Babalao" to care for the world's youth. This album is Angelique Kidjo's strongest, most inspired one, but her mainstream stylistic choices opened her up to criticism for being too "pop" and not "African" enough. Such comments are truly unfounded. Oremi is sexy, thrilling, and powerful. One of the best albums in the genre. A good place to start for someone beginning to listen to world music.» (AMG)

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Angelique Kidjo - Oremi !

I enjoy the music from this woman very much, thanx for all your gems


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More by Angelique Kidjo:


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Angelique Kidjo - Djin Djin [2007]

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Thank you yet again, Radu. Whenever i think there's no more good music to listen you, I visit your blog and prove myself wrong!

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gracias por toda esta excelente música