Manu Dibango - Countdown at Kusini OST (1975)

A fantastic and ultra-unknown (to me, at least) Manu Dibango soundtrack to the equally obscure independent mid-70s movie «Countdown at Kusini» (a drama financed by DST Communications, a subsidiary of Delta Sigma Theta, the world's largest black sorority, and centered around the revolutionary leader of a fictionalized African nation, Fahari, who is being hunted by a mercenary hired by a big corporation disgruntled by the rebel's policies because they are cutting into the company's profits) that I discovered recently at Matsuli Music. Thank you, Matt, for letting me re-post this long-forgotten gem!

«Manu Dibango is one of the original fathers of the Afro-funk scene. His huge worldwide hit 'Soul Makossa' paved the way for artists such as Fela Kuti and Hugh Masekela. This rare soundtrack was produced in tiny quantities for the premiere of the obscure Ossie Davis movie in Seattle in August 1975. Each album is individually numbered, and signed by the cast. It's a superb blend of African rhythms, jazz, and a heavy dose of space jazz and funk. There are too many good tracks to mention, from uptempo dancefloor cuts to slower mellow numbers, all featuring Manu's superb sax playing.» (Blaxploitation.com)

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I found a complete collection of "Manu Dibango - Countdown at Kusini OST (1975)" in a box with 22 long play, in original conditions.
Does anybody interesting to have?