Myllarit - A Voi Voi! Karelian Fever (2000)

Another fine group from Russia, thanx again to Valery. Myllarit define themselves as a «new wave Karelian folk» band. Their sound is rockier and livelier compared to that of the other Russian groups I’ve posted recently, but nevertheless engaging and enjoyable. A Voi Voi! Karelian Fever is their fourth album.

«Myllarit (The Millers) are a dynamic brisk vocal and instrumental folk band from Russian Karelia. The group came together in 1992, an outgrowth of the pairing of accordionist Zobnev with Alexander Bykadorov, who had travelled Europe together playing Karelian and Russian folk music in the streets. The unique sound of Myllarit combines traditional music and poetry of Karelia, the White Sea, Olonets and Ladoga regions, and also Russian songs of the Trans-Onega region, with elements of rock, jazz and world music. Thus, fitting them to suit their more modern style. Besides, the group performs songs of the Ingria (St.-Petersburg region) in the local Ingric dialect of the Finnish language. “Karelia represents a rich mixture of so many different cultures,” said Zobnev. “Our rather severe climatic conditions help to hone this musical style. It is the music of the Russian pomors (White Sea coast natives) and Finnish and Karelian songs. It all mixes together and provides food for Myllarit.” Myllarit achieve their main impact on stage with great talent and humour. They are outstanding live performers. Their discography includes six albums. Myllarit is also very active locally in their hometown Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Republic of Karelia, where they support and promote local bands through the Myllarit Center of Musical Initiatives and the organisation of musical events, such as the annual Petrozavodsk Folk Marathon.» (From Myllarit’s MySpace page)

All you would like to know about Myllarit here.

Link in comments (always appreciated… I’ve seen very few of them, recently – and lots of downloads, instead…)


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Thanks for the great posts. I downloaded Raznotravie and loved it so have grabbed the other Russian folk.

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Hi, Radu. Have you received my letter with link for Troitsa? Now i encode another their album and will upload it.

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Grazie mille per la musica bella!
I just found this blog and I've been happily exploring the archives--thank you for keeping them active and open. I eagerly await more updates!

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Thanks, Radu. I appreciate all the music you post, even if I don't always comment. I love the eclectic range of your tastes, and the clearly visible community with other bloggers (I got here from Italian Folk Music). Keep it up, with my gratitude, and please know that silence doesn't necessarily mean indifference.

Peace, Lisa H.