Ravi Shankar - Charly OST (1968)

A little known and not easy to find soundtrack from Ravi Shankar to Ralph Nelson’s 1968 cultish movie about a mentally retarded man who becomes a genius through scientific experiments. While certainly not the highest peak in the indian master’s extraordinary career, it’s a very fine and enjoyable example of his pioneering work in bringing Indian music to the West.

«This soundtrack is an enchanting group of compositions. The sound that is presented is fundamentally progressive orchestrated world music. The sitar is a beautiful and gentle instrument that is very adaptable and flexible with just about any other genre of music, and this album serves as a fine example of that. […] The sound is superbly rendered and the originality and musicianship is exquisite. If you have been into this music this is a must acquisition, if not and you enjoy world music, then you will love this.» (Progressive World)

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Justin said...

Great movie!

Mick Wilbury said...

Thank you,

rare, precious and beautiful music.

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Mick Wilbury

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