The Shin - Many Timer (2004)

A very nice album by a noteworthy ethno-jazz band from Georgia, courtesy of a Russian reader. Many thanx for this great discovery, Valery!

The Shin are Zaza Miminoshvili (guitars, panduri), Zurab J. Gagnidze (electric and acoustic bass, vocals) and Mamuka Gaganidze (vocals, percussion). In their Georgian homeland [now they are based in Germany], these musicians belong to the artistic elite of the country and are well known as leading composers and musicians. They have scripted pieces for productions at the Tbilisi State Theatre, numerous film, TV, and radio projects in Georgia and around the world, have taken part in several international projects, working together with great composers, directors and artists such as Gia Kancheli, Robert Sturua, Giora Feidman, Chaka Khan, Randy Brecker, Okay Temiz, Fuat Saka and many others. Musicians have lead several workshops on Georgian polyphony polyrhythmic and improvisation-theory. The Shin has participated in various festivals and won several prizes in recognition of their work.

In Georgian Shin means «the road home». Even though each of us has our own personal road home and our own personal home, the music of The Shin has the amazing ability of leading everyone «home». The music leads you to somewhere you know you've been before, where the windows are fogged over from the rain and it smells of kitchen smells, where you hear voices and, even though you might not understand what they are saying, you understand everything anyway. This music leads you home, no matter how far away it is. (From the band's own website)

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alonsii said...

Que bien!!! Andaba buscando música de este grupo paras ponerlo en mi blog pero te has vuelto a adelantar!!! De todas formas muchas gracias, tenía ganas de poder escuchar un disco entero de esta gente!!!

NiNiNuK said...

great album

rapatang said...

actually the link is dead, could you re-upload it via sharebee, for instance

Thanks a lot in advance

Greetings from Poland

Max Airborne said...

Sad, dead link. Any chance of uploading again?


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