Willem Blaeu

Europa recens descripta à Guilielmo Blaeuw
Amsterdam, 1633 (?)


Anonymous said...

wonder map! do you can explain where itcomes?

Thanx a lot

Anonymous said...

Ungrateful lout that I am, I cannot help myself but ask... Do you happen to have a scan/picture in better resolution, so that smaller letters could be read too?!

Great idea otherwise. If you find similar old maps and old drawings please put them on.

And if you happen to have any additonal information about them... :)

Radu said...

Glad to see that some of you liked the idea! Unfortunately, I found this map on the net some months ago, and now I don't remember exactly where. But since I found it with a simple Google search, I suppose you could do the same. I remember, by the way, that it was the biggest size available. If you should find a better one, please send me the file, I really like this map.

Thanx for your nice (albeit anonymous) comments, and stay tuned for more!

Anonymous said...


Radu said...

Thanx for the link! The file is the same, but the site is wonderful! Thanx again.

Anonymous said...

I'm the anonymous of the day 5th.

Thanx a lot for the wonderful site of "your" maps. And thanx for replay to me.
Regards from Caesaraugusta.