Yair Dalal & Tarab Ensemble - Azazme (2000)

Yair Dalal as a soloist and with his ensemble AI OI, is a leading figure in Israeli music, playing also an important role within contemporary world music. Dalal is a fine composer, oud and violin player. Yair Dalal was born in Israel in 1955 to parents who immigrated from Iraq. His musical skills vary from classical European music to jazz, rock, blues and Arabic Classical music, and his background as one of the latest representatives of Arab Jewish music from Iraq, has allowed him to develop this rare mix of traditional and modern .

Yair Dalal is also a strong advocate for peace in Israel and devotes his talent to abolishing the ideological barriers between people and in particular between Jews and Arabs.
In addition to innumerable concert performances around the world, Dalal has made impressively many recordings in a very short time period with excellent reviews in music magazines worldwide.

The Tarab Ensemble is a gathering of 5 men from the age of 20 til 70, all living in traditional tents in Negev. Except from Mohammad Abu Agag who is a music teacher these are not musicians by profession (in Western terms) but they decided to form this ensemble in order to preserve the Bedouin music tradition. The Bedouin music is performed in ceremonies and for practical use, such as calling for a meeting or delivering news by rhythms on the coffee grinder. The Bedouin music has an accentuated melodic line, reserved but extremely emotional expression. In this production there are no electronics used to design atmosphere.

Dalal has preferred to remain as authentic as possible. Therefore also the choice of recording the CD in the tent. Bedouin music and culture is slowly eliminated and this is an attempt to preserve at least a small repertoire of Bedouin music from the Negev. Dalai's intimate reserved personality goes well with the Bedouins modest behavior. Their friendship goes years back. In the Seventies Yair traveled the Sinai and Negev deserts with his camel and violin. It was back then, that the strong bond with Bedouins was founded. (Mondomix, click here for the full article)

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