Hidria Spacefolk - HDRSF-01 (2001)

Great ethnic-tinged psychedelic space rock from Finland. This is where it all began. And I bet you’ll ask for more…

«This group of five self-taught musicians will certainly capture the attention of Ozric Tentacles fans. Their music is loaded with textures and colours that leave most space rock bands sounding like a sample machine stuck in loop mode. It’s actually going somewhere: on all of their albums, the tracks evolve continuously, with the music occasionally returning to specific themes but with something new each time. Overall, their material sounds like a less guitar-dominated Ozric and without the heavy techno influence.
Their albums are pure instrumental excursions into psychedelia propelled by Tim Blake-like droning and burbling synths, Steve Hillage-like guitar arpeggios, pulsating bass lines, phasing sitars and precise drumming with the occasional Jethro Tull flute work (simultaneous flute blowing and vocalizing) and some infectious grooving rhythm lines that make you want to move around, bang your head and dance nonsensically. A fact worth mentioning: the acoustic elements on all of their albums are just as important as the synthesized ones, giving their sound a slightly Middle-Eastern or Far-East flavour.
Trippy, energetic, hypnotic space rock highly recommended to fans of Ozric Tentacles in particular, but will also appeal to those who don’t usually like the genre as the band knows how to diversify and never stays in one place.» (Progarchives)

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Radu said...


goinsidemyhead said...

as someone who cares less than nothing for prog rock and prefers to live inside of psychedelic music and blues this Hidria Spacefolf sounds to my ears like most look at me prog/psyche rock... which means music to wash dishes by...and why stop and start in every song by the way... so what you are
synchronised...practice much?...yeah....this music goes mostly in circles and that means nowhere chasing its own tail....but it sounds nice and you Europeans love shinny things with curves..nice blog though thanks radu.

zappahead said...

Washing dishes............mmmm...now let me see....ok...pass the "fairy" liquid.....think Ill wash dishes the rest of my life....anyways, thank you for putting this up...excellent.

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