Maria de Barros - Nha Mundo (2003)

«Although she was born in nearby Senegal, Maria de Barros has made her musical home in Cape Verde, where she brings her warm, sensual voice and original creative vision to bear on the mornas and coladeiras of her adopted home and on the boleros and sambas that came to the islands from Brazil and the Caribbean. Those who are already familiar with the singing of Césaria Évora and Susana Baca will see similar influences at work here, but de Barros' gently compelling style is uniquely her own. Backed up by a mostly acoustic band of guitars, accordions, percussion, and what sounds like a Portuguese guitarra, de Barros weaves a complex tapestry of rhythms and melodies that varies from the reggae-flavored "Riberonzinha" to the bouncing Afro-Cuban hesitation-step of "Regresa," finally culminating in the album's emotional centerpiece, a simple, joyful, and stunningly beautiful song entitled "So Um Melodia." It is difficult to imagine anyone not being completely entranced by this sometimes bittersweet but ultimately joyous album. Very highly recommended.» (AMG)

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Fabio said...

Very interesting... HAVE to download this one!!!
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Anonymous said...

Radu, do you still have this album ?? The link here doesn't work anymore.
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The new link works ! Thanks a lot !!!

Isaac said...

Esta muy bueno el disco

Stryfe said...

me gusto