Rosalia de Souza - Garota Moderna (2003)

«Italian producer Nicola Conte was responsible for one of the biggest underground dance hits of 2000, the wonderfully catchy and light "Bossa Per Due." That song and the album it was on, also titled Bossa Per Due, were a refreshing blast of laid-back Brazilian jazz meeting Stereolab at cocktail hour and made Conte one of the most sought-after producers in the world. In 2003 he hooked up with Rosalia de Souza, and on her debut record, Garota Moderna, Conte has done perhaps his best work yet. Over 13 tracks he and de Souza create a light, swinging, and hip mood that never flags and is a complete joy from beginning to end. Most of the songs are cut from the same cloth as Bossa Per Due: bossa nova-influenced rhythms spiced with loungy jazz touches and liberally borrowing elements from electronic dance music and easy listening. The frothy tropical cocktail is topped off with de Souza's sensual and sweet (and mostly sung in Portuguese) vocals. She never oversings or does anything remotely dramatic, often forgoing words altogether and crooning wonderful la-de-das. She is the perfect foil for Conte's winking and swinging sonic constructs. Tracks like "Maria Moita," "Tempo Futuro," "Mais," and "Ipanema" are sly groovers that sound like they should be playing in a James Bond movie set in Brazil. In fact the whole record is a retro-futuristic treat. It should appeal to dance music mavens, jazz fans, Brazilian music lovers, and just about anyone who likes easygoing, sunny dance music. It will also further cement Conte's position as a top-notch producer.» (AMG)

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