Zulya - Aloukie (1999)

«Multi award-winning Zulya Kamalova is the leading proponent of Tatar and Russian music in Australia as well as one of the most versatile and accomplished vocalists on the world music scene today. Since her move to Australia in 1991 Zulya has developed a totally original approach as an affirmation of her unique identity – an affirmation that takes her Tatar and Russian background to totally new places and in completely new ways. […]
A native of Tatarstan-Udmurtia region of Central Russia,
Zulya began performing Russian and Tatar songs at the age of 9. Later she studied music and languages at university level. She made a dramatic decision to settle in Australia in 1991and inspired by the diversity of cultures began to share her music with Australians. Zulya’s first release in Australia, Journey of Voice (1997), a unique collection of vocal styles and traditions received accolades for its versatility, passion and the “achingly beautiful” tone of her voice. In the following years, Australian audiences have been able to witness the continuing rise of this unique musical treasure. Zulya’s later albums, Aloukie (1999) and Elusive (2002) have also been released in Europe and have been awarded and nominated for various awards […].These albums feature traditional and original songs in her distinctive Tatar style but with unusual instrumentation, presenting the traditional music from a new perspective.» (More at http://www.zulya.com/bio.htm)

«In Aloukie Zulya centers vocally on the hauntingly beautiful Tatar singing style, she grew up around in the heart of Russia. It is a sound originating somewhere in between Eastern Europe and Far East, that musicologists call "a bridge between Mongolian and Hungarian music." Zulya presents the traditional songs and the original compositions in a unique cross-cultural interpretation, celebrating the musical diversity she has experienced in the years of living in Australia. She says "Having settled here I realised the importance of not only sharing one's culture but also creating a unique Australian culture." Featuring a host of talented musicians she has arranged the songs using instruments as varied as didgeridoo, tabla, kora, double bass, bassoon, talking drum, thumb piano, flugel horn and piano accordion among others. Aloukie means a soulful song, that invokes memories of home. Zulya's crystalline voice shares the richness and strength of her culture whilst making a distinct new Australian sound.» (cdroots)

«Zulya Kamalova ist eine der wichtigsten Interpretinnen tatarischer Musik. Ein Grund für die ungemeine Faszination, die Zulya auf ihr Publikum ausübt, ist die offensichtlich Freude, die ihr das Singen bereitet. Selbst wenn Lieder von einer tiefgründigen Melancholie bestimmt werden, erscheint die Darstellung dieses emotionalen Reichtums dennoch als etwas grundsätzlich Erhebendes. Ihr Musikstil widerspiegelt das Aufeinandertreffen von Ost und West. Dazu kommt ihre Vorliebe, sich je nach Bedarf der musikalischen Elemente anderer Kulturen zu bedienen und auch solch ungleiche Klangfarben wie diejenigen des Didgeridoos, des Flügelhorns, des Akkordeons oder der indischen Tabla in ihren Stil zu integrieren.
Zulyas zweites Album Aloukie webt einen sehr markanten Teppich aus traditionellen und orginellen Songs mit Zulyas unverwechselbarem tarischen Stil. Aloukie wurde im Jahr 2000 zum “World Music Album des Jahres” bei den Australien World Music Awards gewählt. Bisheriger Höhepunkt von Zulya war die Auszeichnung “Artist Of The Year” bei den World Music Awards 2001. (indigo.de)

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