Karandila Orchestra - Na Kupon s Karandila (1999)

A nice album of bulgarian gypsy music, thanx to Kaloyan N. from Bulgaria. Well worth a listen!

«Na Kupon s Karandila is a CD that displays the band's ability to convert simple tunes into hot cocek. Most of the tracks featured are cover versions of Bulgarian pop-folk (chalga; contemporary twist on Bulgraian folklore music). The CD starts off at high pace with “Doko, Doko”. The mood remains elevated with tracks like “Izleze Mesetchina”, a creative cover of Goran Bregovic's “Moonlight”. After “Lechkov Kyucheck”, the pace slows down to more casual and loose sound. The last few tracks pick up the speed again culminating with the popular Bulgarian hit “Maimunka”. Even although most of the tracks are not original, this CD shows how creative Karandila can be with contorting and shaping other music into cocek. For people that haven't heard of the original versions, the CD will still entertain thanks to the brass section of Karandila, conveying a wide range of emotions. The overall compositions grabs your attention right away with clinical drumming and indefinable trumpet improvisations, flowing from jazz to gypsy.» (http://cocek.com/albums.html)

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