Pictures of Greece: Moonrise Over Santorini

Courtesy of JTC


Ruela said...

Looks like a poster.

Kevin said...

What a beautiful picture! I would love to be there right now, instead of rainy Portland, Oregon. I have really enjoyed the international flavor of this site. Since visiting your site, I have been exposed to many interesting things such as Ne Zhdal, Ghana Soundz and Ivo Papasov.

I have a blog called Eclectic Grooves and in the past I have featured an Afro-Rock compilation, album from Japanese fuzz rockers Apryl Fool, and most recently a compilation called Future Queens continuing the series that originated with Border Music and Prostrate Before a Perewinkle. This mix has a very international feel to it. The url for my blog is http://eclectic-grooves.blogspot.com. Please add me to your links, if you like what you see.

Best, Kevin

Liquid Dilemma said...

great blogspot, amazing music, keep up the good work!!!

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avantgarterbelt said...

Simply amazing photograph. I salute your skills!