Lo Ka Ping - Lost Sounds of the Tao (2004, recorded 1970-71)

«An album of qin music collected from archives and attics alike, comprising the whole of the known recordings of Lo Ka Ping, a lost qin master privately active before his passing in 1980. A small number of other surviving recordings were unusable due to the poor sound quality. What we have here are a number of traditional works for the qin, as well as a number of original compositions by the performer himself. Also included are two performances taken from Chinese radio around the time of the second World War and delivered to American archives by a Chinese fighter pilot. The ability displayed here by Ping is something quite worth hearing. While the recording quality tends to ebb and flow, the technique remains at a high constant level. There are other recorded qin masters available, and one should certainly avail themselves of any opportunity to pick up a number of them. Ping places himself firmly in their company with these recordings.» (AMG)

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I like a lot of your music. It is impossible to hear all you post, but some of those are really great, it like to enter in a bookshop and look at books you see and give a chance to be taken in your hands and to have some life.I don't like peer to peer, because you have to know what you want, but you cannot discover a new music.
Thank for helping me to discover new musical worlds.

Ciao Francesco

Joe said...

Francesco says what I feel, too. You have enriched my life with new worlds that I had no idea existed. Thank you!

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my sentiments exactly,