The Rough Guide: Australian Aboriginal Music (1999)

«This collection of tribal, ambient, and folk music by Australia's aboriginal artists and tribes is an interesting snapshot of the various indigenous faces of Australia. Listeners will find much of the famed didgeridoo, sometimes as the cornerstone for tribal dreamtime rituals, sometimes leading the melodies in modern electronic pop music, sometimes setting the dark, ominous tone for ambient music. Highlights include Archie Roach's melodic folk tune "Native Born", a sweet lament about the loss of aboriginal land and culture; Gapu's "Celebration" with Rachel Nehanda Woods's lovely chant; and Ruby Hunter's "Kurongk Boy, Kurongk Girl". But make no mistake, the Rough Guide folks include enough traditional tribal chant to please those looking for authentic Australian aboriginal music. An excellent, comprehensive introduction». (Karen Karleski, Amazon)

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