Songs of Greece's Gypsies (1996)

«This is an album that could be a source of influence for blues, jazz and even some rock musicians. Though it is ethnic folk style music, it's a hauntingly beautiful journey through minor keys with (for western listeners) unusual chord changes. The album cover states that these are live recordings. They are, actually, taken from a live concert where a variety of Greek Gypsy musicians were brought together on the same stage (as opposed to field recordings). There is a beautiful rendition of the Macedonian/Albanian song “Ederlezi” sung by Chrisoula Christopoulou (“Endelesi” on the album jacket). “The Song of the Gypsies” sung by Eleni Vitali and “Don't be Sad That I Leave” sung by Yiannis Saleas are two other noteworthy tracks. Track number 11, an instrumental improvisation, I'd recommend to any jazz, blues or rock musician. Having said that, this is primarily folk music in its style of delivery and a good example of it. I hope this album will be kept “in print” because it is such a fine example of unpolluted contemporary Greek music. This album ranks #2 in gypsy albums most frequently borrowed by my friends.» (Anonymous reader, Amazon)

«An exceptional and rewarding introduction to the music of Greek gypsies. Although the contribution of Greek gypsies has often been overlooked, their influence on Greek folk music is clear. There are twelve cuts, of which two are [marvellous] instrumentals; the remaining ten songs are vocals with musical accompaniment. The first song on the CD, “The song of the gypsies” by Eleni Vitali, is a haunting lament which showcases her fine talent. Two of the songs on the CD (“Jastar Amenge Dur” and “Good Luck”) showcase the very talented Kostas Pavlidis. In “Jastar Amenge Dur”, an introduction of strings is followed by a quickening intensity of song and guitar with a flamenco-like flavour. Pavlidis also shares the vocals with C. Christopoulou on an exceptional rendition entitled “Rom”. Other singers on the CD include Yiannis Saleas and Vassilis Paiteris. Vassilis Saleas is the clarinettist on certain cuts. The vocalists’ presentation are reminiscent of Greek singers of years past, and not the more homogenized European style characteristic of today’s Greek popular music. This CD is a worthwhile addition to the collection of anyone interested in the music and talents of the Eastern Mediterranean.» (Louis Alexander, Amazon)

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