Crimson Jazz Trio - King Crimson Songbook, Volume 1 (2005)

Dedicated to Ian Wallace.

«A jazz piano-bass-drums trio performing the songs of the rock group King Crimson? That's what the Crimson Jazz Trio accomplished on this intriguing CD, King Crimson Songbook, Vol. 1. By re-harmonizing the music a bit, adding vamps, and digging into the grooves, the Crimson Jazz Trio transforms the pieces from rock anthems into viable devices for jazz improvisations. Electric bassist Tim Landers has nearly as much solo space as pianist Jody Nardone; the trio (which also includes drummer Ian Wallace) works together very closely and they not only create new versions of unexpected material, but show that they have developed their own group sound. Recommended, particularly to listeners who are familiar with King Crimson's recordings.

The band were working on a second album, The King Crimson Songbook, Volume Two, with assistance from Jakko Jakszyk and Mel Collins (Wallace's colleagues in 21st Century Schizoid Band; Collins is also a King Crimson alumnus) when Wallace died on February 22, 2007.» (AMG & Wikipedia)

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This one seems to be taking forever and ever to load...could you check? Maybe massmirror is having a problem with it....many thanks for your work!

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Thanks! I appreciate it, this is great stuff. It has reminded me to look at the new King Crimson shows from the 1970's that Fripp has made available online (for a reasonable price, a download).

Here, I have offered these up to another blog who doesn't seem interested, but this artist is extremely interesting and talented.

For Tim Buckley fans - his 2 long out of print albums:

Blue Afternoon (fans like this best of his original 9 albums):

Starsailor (Tim considered this his masterpiece, very avant garde and hard to listen to at first but rewards with repeated listening)

If you like, go buy "Dream Letter: Live in London 1968" - most people say this is the best Tim Buckley release of all, and I agree. Thanks again!

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