Uttara-Kuru - East Wind (1999)

«Uttara-Kuru had an astounding debut in 1998 through their combination of sutra recitation and digital music which created a highly original style. In addition, pop style elements seem fundamental to their music. Their concept has been to create a new kind of music by combining the instruments, melodies and other features of traditional Japanese culture with western harmonies, synthesizers, computers etc.. Music which focuses on great themes can easily be difficult to understand, but Uttara-Kuru’s work is melodious and funky, with power and gentleness. It stirs the listener’s feelings. Of course, their success comes not just from their extraordinary talents, but also from their fundamentally pop style.

Their previous release, Prayer, was mainly sutra recitation. On this album the Shakuhachi (a vertical bamboo flute), Koto (a long Japanese zither with thirteen strings), other traditional folk instruments and traditional Japanese folk songs are featured in various pieces. The featured instruments and voices are excellent, and every song’s world is strongly expressed and created. In particular, the sound of the Shakuhachi captures the spirit of the album’s title, East Wind.
Like Uttara-Kuru’s previous album, this one shows us the tolerance and strength of people who live in heavy snowfall areas and wait quietly through winter, thinking of spring time and summer festivals. Anyway, this is a wonderful album which reminds us of the depth which Japanese folk instruments and traditional melodies have.» (Pacific Moon)

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