We're Late For Class - A Collection (2007)

«Hi Radu,

We are WE’RE LATE FOR CLASS, an independent improv band that gives away our music. We’ve just released our 20th post, A Collection, and it features our best work from the last year.
We’re writing you in hopes that you might post our new album on your fine blog. It would mean a lot to us to reach your wider audience... and to just be acknowledged by other bloggers like yourself would be a treat. […]

We’re Late For Class is all improv and pro-herb, so an altered state of mind is highly recommend for optimum listening pleasure. You never know... you might even like us.

All the best...

Hi guys,

I truly love this kind of stuff, so it’s a real pleasure for me to post it here in Babe(b)logue. Long live psychedelic music (and attitude…).

All the best,

More info and more music at: http://werelateforclass.blogspot.com/

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We're Late For Class said...


A thousand thanks. We really appreciate the support. All the best to you in 08. Your pals,