Tara Fuki - Piosenki Do Snu (2001)

«Both of these two energetic violoncellists (and singers) come from Northern Moravia, where they were passing by each other while studying at the Ostrava Conservatory. They met in Brno during their musicology studies at the Philosophical Faculty. Andrea (born in 1972) was at that time featured in the band BOO and in the international music-dance formation Rale, while Dorota (born in 1975) was playing with the Brno-based alternative band Lippany.
They are both inspired by the poetry of the night and by the dreams, which they consider as extractions from the sub-conscious.
"It is because what happens to us during the night is totally different and sometimes even truer than what we perceive in the day," says Andrea. Just like dreams, their music is able to gently caress and soothe, but also to empower with its brutal urgency.» (Calabashmusic)

Czech reviews here and here

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I bought it 5 years ago in Prague and heard it several times. It's great!
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Obrigado pela apresentação!
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