Eugenio Finardi - Non Gettate Alcun Oggetto dai Finestrini (1975)

A masterpiece of Italian rock.

« Singer, lyricist, guitarist and pianist. Eugenio Finardi was born in 1952 in Milan, the son of an Italian sound engineer and an American opera singer who had come to Italy to sing at the LA SCALA Theatre in Milan.
His first recording experiences came early in his childhood when he sang in children’s’ records and in recordings of American classics for the expatriate community in Europe.
As a teenager he started singing the blues with friends like Fabio Treves and Alberto Camerini.
He went to the American School in Milan and then studied theatre at Tufts University in Boston.
Upon his return to Italy he started working as a studio session man and as a radio DJ in the first underground FM radio stations.
In 1975 he released his first album, for “Cramps”, a pioneering “alternative” label, which single-handedly created Italian rock, blending lyrics inspired by the cultural and political issues of the seventies “movement” with a sound influenced by rock but with jazz, blues and traditional Italian folk influences. His highly original Musica Ribelle from Sugo became the soundtrack of that period and started the evolution of Italian pop music.» (Read more)

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lo dovrei conoscere giá vero? ;)

ai ai ai
ma non é mai troppo tardi

tanten grazien!!

urijenny said...


Muy buen disco. En tu site he encontrado mucha música bella que desconocía.

Aquí (Mendoza, República Argentina) casi no se consigue música italiana a pesar de que la gran mayoría de la población es de ascendencia italiana en mayor o menor grado.

Aprovechando para hacerte un pedido, no podrás subir algo de "Modena City Ramblers". Escuché uno de sus temas en una compilación de Putumayo, y me gustó mucho, preo nunca he podido encontrar un disco completo del grupo.

Gracias desde ya.

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The thing you're writing is a big blunder.