Nick Haeffner - The Great Indoors (1987)

A (lost) masterpiece of British Folkedelia, in the vein of Syd Barrett, Kevin Ayers and Nick Drake, and still one of my favourite albums from the 80’s.

«The Great Indoors is an album of songs released in 1986 on the Bam Caruso lable. Although out of print it is still available second hand on LP and CD.
Extracts from reviews at the time of release:

“The best sixties-style psychedelic release of the week is not Sgt Pepper on CD but the debut by Nick Haeffner... an album that is varied, unexpected and wonderfully refreshing.” (Robin Denselow, The Guardian)

“...reminiscent of the best of English psychedelia” (Jon Savage, The Observer)

“Pink Floyd... Nick Drake... to undergo these influences, so well, is to demand a hearing.” (Paul Oldfield, Melody Maker”

“A truly great album that could only have been made by someone with real talent and a genuine understanding of music past, present and future.” (Underground)

“The Great Indoors is a melting pot of ideas strung out over melodious rhythms as diverse as folk, punk, psyche and classical... the lyrics are witty and embracing, the final delivery charming and effective... a remarkably good album... Just 12 inches that leap over all barriers.” (Music Week)» (From Nick Haeefners’s official site)

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Bernie Stocks said...

Not found, on all sites? I'd love to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Me too.
And could you precise if this is the cd reissue with bonus tracks ?


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thanks for sharing this gem!

zappahead said...

Been trying to find this for a while...thanks for the share of a little masterpiece...cheers.