The Rough Guide to the Music of Central Asia (2005)

«While there are a few handfuls of albums of Mongolian music, and older targeted albums for particular nations, this is more of a rarity: an album covering the music of Central Asia as defined essentially by the 'Stans' of the former Soviet Union: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikstan. The music on Rough Guide to the Music of Central Asia ranges from the classical traditions of the region, as hailing from Samarkand and Tashkent, to modern hard rock, as well as all points on the spectrum between the extremes. A number of the performers herein are fusionists and revisionists, combining traditional folk musics with contemporary sounds. The album starts on such a note with a mix of classical Kazakh tunes pounded over by electric guitars. Pop singers from the last decade of cultural exchange are sprinkled throughout the album, as recorded locally and through international channels (some have some decent fame in Europe). Folk performers and classicists also take their share of playing time, with masters of the various Central Asian lutes prominent, such as Turgun Alimatov. The album carries a little of something for everyone, in theory, without as many of the particularly foreign sounds, or the more weathered voices and wails that are sometimes known to accompany the music of the region. It's a more accessible entry point to the region's music than many, and may provide a good reference for current listeners to find something new, as well.» (AMG)

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