Kevin Johansen & the Nada - Sur O No Sur (2003)

«It's hard to imagine a more disjointed upbringing than Kevin Johansen's: the songwriter grew up in Alaska and Argentina (to an American father and Argentinean mother). As an adult he spent a decade in New York City honing his chops and writing. Since moving to Buenos Aires in 2000, he's become one of Argentina's biggest pop stars thanks to a mildly psychedelic American-style folk song sung in English entitled "Down With My Baby," which is included on Sur O No Sur. The rest of album is filled with same kinds of cultural paradoxes: he mixes the traditional and the modern while peppering his nicely polished pop gems with salsa, samba, rock, rap, reggae, cumbia, country, hip-hop, and tango. Singing in both Spanish and English (and Spanglish), Johansen has the deep baritone of Leonard Cohen, yet his lyrics are far from somber, telling us that he doesn't take himself too seriously. Other highlights included here are the impossibly infectious "Puerto Madero" and the carnival-like title track.» (Tad Hendrickson, Amazon)

Muchas gracias a Jimena desde Uruguay por ese “post”.

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