Mamar Kassey - Alatoumi (2000)

A wonderful band from Niger, which recently I had the pleasure to see live. Enjoy!

«Mamar Kassey is a group from Niger that presents original songs and music based on the traditions of the different people of that country, which includes the Sahel, the Peul, the Songhaï, the Djerma, and the Haoussa. As with all African music styles, rhythms, dance, and songs are the heart of this very colorful music. The blending of native Sahelian, Hausa, Fulani, Bambara, and Songhai musical traditions results in a driving sound that will sound at least a bit familiar to fans of such Mali artists as Ali Farka Toure and Boubacar Traoré. There is a modernized version of these traditions, yet a traditional and typical character is maintained. Mamar Kassey builds their arid, hypnotic dance grooves with traditional acoustic folk instruments and call-and-response vocals, relying less upon rippling electric guitar leads, though there are a few. This expert juxtaposition of the old and the new suggests that Mamar Kassey is a band with a genuine vision, which makes this CD the most appealing, as well as being the most original. A must for lovers of African music.» (AMG review, edited)

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