Iva Nova - Iva Nova (2003)

«Iva Nova was formed in St.Petersburg in 2002, when five young Russian ladies met to create a new collective of musicians.

All of them had had vast experience of playing at gigs with various groups and having found themselves to be really kindred souls, they started off their joint career, naturally and courageously combining the tunes and instrumentation of traditional Slavonic music with the energy and attitude of punk.

Their original songs with tunes and lyrics based on the riches of the folklore, are catchy and sensitive. Fuzzy dirt-simple guitar riffs and explosively frenetic percussion supported by the poignant bass and the energy of jazzy accordion fill their performance with both rural restlessness and urban craziness.

Iva Nova's sound is driving and powerful, their live acting is cheerful and often humorous: this high-spirited music will hardly leave anybody untouched.» (More info at MoreZvukov.nl)

Official site: http://www.iva-nova.ru/

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grcias por la musica

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thanks for sharing this wonderful music, your mission statement is wonderful..big sisters and big mothers rock the world!

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Thanx for sharing!!!