Super Biton - Belle Époque (1999)

«Biton Coulibaly was the founding member of the Segou Bambara empire. This explains why he gave his name to Mali’s most representative Bambara music orchestra. This pentatonic music style with mesmerizing rhythms is very different from the Malenké music Western countries have discovered through Salif Keita or Kassemady Diabaté.

The Super Biton was formed just after Mali became indipendent. It was the result of three bands getting together: La Renaissance, Ségou Jazz and the Alliance Jazz. Under the direction of its founder member trumpet player Amadou Bâ, the band soon became the standard bearer of Bambara music. […] Super Biton owes its success to the warm mesmerizing rhythms of Bambara music, which is a lot easier to dance to than Malenké music.

In addition to the rhythms, one cannot but add a word about the efficient arrangements of the brass section and guitars, and Mamadou Doumbia’s voice. […]» (From the liner notes)

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Anonymous said...

HI there
Wow! Thanks for posting this. I bought several LPs of Super Biton de Segou way back when....and they're still among my faves in African music. Very hypnotic stuff---spacious and dance-able at the same time. Haven't seen any of their releases on CD, at least not here in the US. Thanks again!---EeeGee

zeporro said...

thanks you for the disc of Super Biton.
muchas gracias por el disco, me encanta la música africana y sobre todo la de Mali.

Anonymous said...

Just know I'm going to enjoy this one. Thanks a lot


Anonymous said...

great! thanks!

AmbroseBierce said...

Unfortunately shareonall is closed, so the link is gone. Any chance for a re-up?

Thanks anyway.

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