Lynda Lemay - Live (1999)

«French Canadian singer/songwriter Lynda Lemay has been a star in her native Quebec since the early '90s, and also has a large following in Europe, where her playful, poignant writing style is appreciated for its compassionate, literate, and often humorous approach to both the large and small requirements of contemporary life. With a novelist's eye for detail and an endearing ability to make light of her own phobias, Lemay writes melodic songs (almost always sung in French) that are fast becoming national treasures in Canada, and her popularity in France stems from her clear understanding of the French chanson tradition.

Lemay was born on July 25, 1966, and grew up in Portneuf near the St. Lawrence River outside Quebec City…» (AMG, read more)

«Des sujets de société les plus divers, Lynda Lemay sait créer des perles poétiques, piécettes tragi-comiques ou photographies d'un instant de vie. De part et d'autre de l'Atlantique, un large public se retrouve dans des textes souvent bouleversants. Depuis le début des années 90, il a alors suffi de quelques chansons pour que cette jeune Québécoise s'impose comme un nom essentiel de la chanson francophone.» (RFI Musique, lisez plus)

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