Blog Action Day 2008: Yes, We Can Make a Difference!

These days, sadly, there are not many reasons left to be proud of being Italian.
Luckily, however, a few still remain. One of these is surely Emergency.

But what is Emergency?

Emergency – I quote from the organization’s site – is

«an independent, neutral and non-political Italian organization. Emergency provides free, high quality medical and surgical treatment to the civilian victims of war, landmines and poverty. Emergency promotes a culture of solidarity, peace and respect for human rights. […] The work of Emergency around the world is possible thanks to the help of thousands of volunteers and supporters.»

To learn more about Emergency, its programs and activities and the ways to participate to them and/or to give to the organization an always needed support, click here:


Support who supports the poor and the needy!

And, to find out what other bloggers have to say about Poverty and what we might be able to do, go to Blog Action Day.org.

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