Various Artists - Íslandsklukkur (1994)

The first of two twin projects addressing the folk tradition of Iceland, Íslandsklukkur features the following artists: Ýmsir hljóðfæraleikarar, Ómur Íslandsklukkna, Egill Ólafsson, Voces Thules, Steinunn Ólína Þorsteinsdóttir, Magnús Þór Sigmundsson, Bergþór Pálsson, Kristjana Stefánsdóttir, Sverrir Guðjónsson, Ragnar Davíðsson, Eggert Pálsson.

For German speaking readers: click here for more info about the history (Geschichte) of the tunes and the Liedtexte.

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Radu said...


fritz the cat said...

Ah! Very topical.

I live in England, anything Icelandic is very unpopular right now (due to the bank crisis etc).

Will play this around the office, just for a laugh ;-)

Radu said...

So, as always, it seems I managed to find a way NOT to be "à la page"... :)

Anonymous said...

I'm from england and can safely say that Iceland isn't unpopular. Unless you;re the kind of person who really cares about the news and works in an office listening to it all day.
None of my friends could give a sod about all this bank crisis stuff. If you don't have credit card, it doesn't really matter :)

fritz the cat said...

OK, I'll rephrase, "anything Icelandic is unpopular among certain segments of the population"

jaba said...


The Countess said...

Looking forward to this; I've heard interesting things about it. Thanks for your philosophy and efforts!

Anonymous said...

It's about music not about popularity..I enjoy this music with both ears, heart and soul..thanks
el postino loco

Anonymous said...

Hi Radu...I want know whats difference are between albums "íslandsklukkur" and "icelandic folk music" since I see the same tracklist
Thanks for your music and regards from Argentina.
Dr. Pembeton