Abdul Raheem - Che-Che (1995)

Abdul Raheem is an international famous jazz musician from Ghana. He played together with Osibisa from 1984 to 1987. Now, hes living and working in London.

«In the early eighties Afro-Funk came to Europe, especially with the group Osibisa, where Abdul Raheem was the singer and trombonist. Already before, he gained not unessential experiences in which he professionally involved in his Black African heritage from Ghana and Nigeria. After separation from Osibisa, he returned to these roots which led to an album of essential dance music (Che-Che), fusing traditional African fire with the modern techniques of Jazz. Pure West African highlife.» (AI Records)

«Since the release of his seminal solo album Tayaman (aka Che-Che, Abrefi Records) in 1995, Abdul Raheem has achieved international critical acclaim, featuring Ray Allan on saxophone and the explosive Cloude Deppa (also an Andy Sheppard sideman) on trumpet, tracks from the album have received worldwide radio airplay. Tayamam was the album, and since then they have been performing all over Britain. Recent gigs have included St Paul’s Carnival in Bristol and the Cardiff Bute Town Festival.

Born in Ghana to Nigerian parents, Abdul Raheem began composing songs at the age of seven. In his teens he sung with the Comets whose leader, Teddy Osie, encouraged him to take up the trombone. His career moved between Ghana, where he played the jazz kings and his influential Inkspot; Nigeria, where he shared a residency with the legendary Fela Kuti; and Ivory Coast, where he played alongside Cuba’s El Gran Pachico and Zaire’s OK Jazz.

In 1977, he met Osibisa at the second All Black Festival of Art and Culture in Lagos, and eventually joined them in London in 1984, following a spell with the Hi-life Stars.

Although still steeped in the Afro-Funk of Osibisa, Abdul has returned to his roots with his current band which plays Ghanaian Hi-life music and dance music which fuses traditional African rhythm and fire with the musical techniques of jazz.» (African Caribbean Ents)

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