Dudubeat - Experience (2002)

«Experience is the debut project of the St. Petersburg-based duo Dudubeat. Its members, Karen Sargsyan (duduk) and Arsen Grigoryan (keyboards) brought together in it their love for the traditional melodies of Armenia and the desire to make them more modern, fully preserving the national colors, producing a tasteful blend of live instruments and electronic sounds. Combined with the electronic rhythms, the moving, deep and tender sound of Karen’s duduk, which he plays in strict adherence to the classical style of duduk playing, becomes even more expressive. The result is an album quiet varied in moods and atmospheres, which will please all the lovers of background music and also the more adventurous listeners. Ethno-beat for mind and body. Recommended.»

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Radu said...


Anonymous said...

I heard it. It's very good, a nice surprise.

Thanks, Francesco

guillermotatting said...
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guillermotatting said...

long time since I did not come!
you are still in good shape with that great taste of yours

keep up the good work!

check my blog too, for music of all kind, now in english (sometimes)


sulingman said...

Do we know about Mercan Dede? This music seems closely inspired by him. Anyone who likes this should listen to the Quebequois.