Music of Cyprus / Kibris'In Sesi / Tragoudia Tis Kyprou (2007)

Greek and Turkish Cypriot musicians present the musical traditions of the island of Cyprus.

Directed by Mehmet Ali Sanlikol
(voice, ud, cura, zurna, ney, kaval, def)

Theodoulos Vakanas (violin, voice Panayiotis League, kemençe, lyra, laouto, davul, voice)
Cem Mutlu (percussion)
Engin Günaydin (voice, percussion)
Noam Sender (voice, ney)
Robert Labaree (voice)

Produced by

I. Wedding Songs / Düğün Müzikleri / Tou Gamou
1. Kozan Marşı/Syrtos (Turkish and Greek)
2. To Tragoudi Tou Gamou (Greek)

II. Love Songs / Aşk Şarkilari / Tis Agapis
3. Sabahın Seher Vahdında (Turkish)
4. Dolama/Na Sou Goraso Mihanin (Turkish and Greek)

III. Sacred Music From Cyprus / Kibris'ta Dini Müzik / Thriskeftiki Mousiki Tis Kyprou
5. T'ai Giorki (Agios Giorgis, Greek Orthodox para-liturgical song)
6. Sem-i Ruhuna (ilahi: Sufi devotional song)

IV. The Village / Köy / To Horkon
7. Abdal Zeybeği/Aptalikos (Turkish and Greek)

V. Cyprus "Re-Constructed" / Kibris'ta "Geçmise Yolculuk" / Kypros: "Mousiki Anadromi"
8. Kartal (Turkish)
9. Sousta (Greek and Turkish)

VI. Dance Songs / Zeybekler / Zeybekikos
10. Varys Zeybekikos (Greek)
11. Sarhoş Zeybeği/Ime Tze Ganomatzis (Turkish and Greek)

VII. Music Of Cyprus / Kibris'in Sesi / Tragoudia Tis Kyprou
12. Agapisa Tin Pou Karkias (Greek)
13. Feslikan/Syrtos (Turkish and Greek)
14. Orak/To Mashairin (Turkish and Greek)
Dillirga/Tillyrkotissa (Turkish and Greek)

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what a beautiful blend of greek and arabic styles. thanks very much!

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