Gilles Peterson in Brazil (2004)

A great party record (two-disc set). Have fun!

«Radio One and Worldwide DJ Gilles Peterson is an authority on world music, and Brazilian music is the most happening global sound of the moment. This album has been compiled using Peterson's vast knowledge of what's been turning up the heat in clubs and on the radio. This is a two-disc edition, one containing Brazilian heritage and traditional music and one hosting cuts from the new generation of artists.» (Amazon)

Full tracklist and more English reviews here

Recensione in italiano qui

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Radu said...

Part 1:

Part 2:

Anonymous said...

Hello Radu,

thanks for your outstanding commitment in bringing good sounds and vibes across the land. That is commitment! Have a great summer time,

greetings from the Black Forest!

Mr. B said...

nice one, thanks

J Thyme...kind said...

Someone please wake me up when this record is over.
This is such rubbish, especially the second part.

J Thyme...kind said...

Radu, I say this with the deepest respect for both your page & the greatness that Brasilian music is. Brasil has one of the richest musics on planet Earth. Full of VITALITY & HIGHLY EVOLVED RHYTHM & MELODY. I really feel that Gilles does not really show this magnificent culture to it best advantage.
The 70's were a golden age for recorded music. One could really take a little bit of time to focus on just that decade it is such an amazing time of output for MPB & Samba. Warmly, JT

Radu said...

Hi, JT, don't worry, there's no problem at all. You're free to leave whatever comment you like.
As for Brazilian music, I do like, of course, the magnificent sounds of the 60's and 70's. But I also want to give my readers an idea of what contemporary Brazilian music is like. Like you, I prefer the "classics", but I think that Gilles Peterson has done a good job in showing what music the young Brazilian people is playing (and listening to) today.

drfeelgoed said...

Thanks for this collection!

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