Toots & the Maytals - The Collection (2002)

«The Maytals were key figures in reggae music. Comprised of leader Frederick "Toots" Hibbert, Nathaniel "Jerry" Matthias, and Raleigh Gordon, all natives of Kingston, the Maytals are said to have been the first group to use the word “reggae” in a song title with their Leslie Kong-produced “Do the Reggay.” Formed in the early '60s when ska was hot, the Maytals had a reputation for having strong, well-blended voices and a seldom rivaled passion for their music. Hibbert's soulful style led him to be compared to Otis Redding.» (AMG, read more)

«Toots Hibbert represents a different side of reggae (a term he is actually credited with) from his labelmate Bob Marley. Where Marley was more like the Motown sound of Jamaica, Hibbert and the Maytals were more like the Atlantic side of things: earthy vocals, funkier and based more in soul and gospel than his brethren. He is certainly no less important in the history of Jamaican music. This set collects the best from his Island years on a marvelous 18 track compendium.» (Amazon)

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Part 1:

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Jim Byers said...

all right RADU, Toots is the best reggae band according to me. marley is like punk rock.....boring

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thank you!

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Long time I didn't listen to Toots.
Happy to find it again.
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Thanks for your upload - a friend of mine will go crazy about that.
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