Marabi Africa (2007)

«Marabi is the independant label created in 2002 by Christian Mousset, director of the Festival Musiques Métisses d'Angoulême in France.The festival, place of exchange and discovery, is widely opened to urban popular musics from the African Continent, Indian Ocean, the Caribbeans, America. Marabi is mainly a discographic extension of this event. On the same artistic line, the label puts upcoming artists forward as well as patrimonial leading figures. Marabi is the name given to the South African Jazz born in the townships of the thirties.

Marabi Africa is a compilation between blues from the Sahel and the Indian Ocean, Congolese rumba, Zulu beat, flamboyant Mandingo guitars, featuring awesome groove and melancholy songs. 17 tracks, modern yet permeated by the colours of tradition, take you on a musical journey into the heart of the African continent, with its divas, its troubadours, its “rockers” and its exceptional instrumentalists...» (Mondomix)

Featuring tracks from Malouma, Ba Cissoko, Boubacar Traoré, Djelimady Tounkara, Bembeya Jazz, Sékou “Bembeya” Diabaté, Mahotella Queens, Johnny Clegg, Gizavo-Mhlanga-Mirandon, Jaoyoby, Granmoun Lélé, Nathalie Natiembé, Menwar, Rajery, Rumbanella Band, Wendo Kolosoy & Ballaké Sissoko.

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