Riccardo Tesi - Presente Remoto (2007)

«A composer, an instrumentalist and a researcher: these are the aspects of the complex and multifaceted musical personality of Riccardo Tesi, a true pioneer of ethnic music in Italy.

From his debut in 1978 with Caterina Bueno, strongly rooted in the folk tradition, to the present day collaborations, the musical curriculum of Tesi, born in Pistoia, is characterized by a precious continuity based on eager passion and curiosity that have led him to compare his Tuscan heritage to the Italian, Basque, English, French and Madagascar traditions, as well as to jazz, liscio (Italian popular dance music) and songwriting.

His instrument, the diatonic accordion (melodeon), is an example of perfect symbiosis with his conception of memory. For the first time in Italy, he even dedicated a whole record to this instrument, a forerunner of the accordeon.

What is amazing about Tesi is his easily recognizable style, allowing his concertina to speak both an archaic and modern language, widening the vocabulary and the technique of an instrument for a long time preserved as part of a traditional heritage. A brilliantly outdated choice that places Tesi, thanks to his lyrical and virtuoso skills, among those who have brought the accordeon and all the instruments alike back to their dignity all over the world.» (Riccardo Tesi’s official website. Click here for more info)

Presente Remoto is a nice collection celebrating Riccardo Tesi’s 30-year career in the music biz.

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