Saddar Bazaar - The Conference of the Birds (1995)

«Bristol based and formed in 1990 by Shaun Hyder (Sitar etc.) and Rehan Matthew Hyder (Slide Guitar), Saddar Bazaar (Central Market) were soon joined by John Sage on Drums and supported various bands in the local area such as The Seers, Praise Space Electric and the Bevis Frond. They also played at the well known Ashton Court Community Festival in Bristol. By 1992 John had left the band and had been replaced by David Spencer, whilst Tainenska Royal came in on flute and keyboards. It was this line-up that recorded “Night Descent” for the indie charting Fun With Mushrooms album on Delerium. The bands appearance on this album resulted in a pile of mail from punters, at Delerium HQ, requesting a whole album of material by the band. It also resulted in a session for American doom metal band Solitude Aeturnus! (Saddar Bazaar play on the track “The 9th Day” on the band’s 1994 album Through the Darkest Hour on Music For Nations). Delerium decided to fund an album and the finished article featured new keyboard player Terry Banx and was produced by Bob Pierce (an ex-member of 60s UK psych band The Mirror). The Conference of The Birds is one of Delerium’s strangest releases to date. A perfect acoustic Eastern chill-out experience that harkens back to groups such as The Third Ear Band and The Ceyleib People, with its atonal, psychedelic simplicity, whilst appealing to the ambient trance textures of todays head music scene…» (Last.fm)

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Radu said...


Anonymous said...

I am really liking this one!

Thanks Radu!

Anonymous said...

How odd - just a few days ago I received my copy of the poetical work with the same title, written by a 12th Century Persian poet, Farid Ud-Din Attar. I'm intrigued now!

Anonymous said...

"Conference of the Birds" is also the title of a Dave Holland's record, simply amazing.

Thanks Radu for this one and for your "place"


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