Le World... Cuba: Los Exitos de los Años "50"

Benny Moré, Rolando La ‘Serie and Tony Camargos have had considerable success in Cuba and the world over in the 50s. Omly Benny Moré is still famous today and considered a Cuban music god. The three musicians were regrouped in this compilation for their highly similar voices and repertoires.

Maximilian Bartolomeo Moré (1919-1963), “el barbaro del ritmo”, was born to a modest African family settled in Santa Isabel de Lajas. He was very young when he started learning music with his brothers. One of his uncles from Congo taught him how to play the guitar and the congas. […] In 1940 he set off to Havana. There he won several singing competitions and […] was noticed by the already famous Conjunto Matamoros. He played in one of their records and in 1945 he took part to a tour in Mexico with them. He obtained a visa that allowed him to go to Mexico as often as he wished to. His recitals at Mexico Citu’s prestigious Rio Rosa cabaret were steps towards fame throughout Latin America. He met Lalo Montané with whom he founded the Fantasma Duet. In 1948, as mambo appeared in Mexico, Benny Moré was immediately seduced by this new rhythm and enriched his Afro-Cuban genre with it.

When he came back to Cuba in 1950, Benny Moré had become a star throughout Latin America and was given a triumphant welcome. […] He later joined the famous Bebo Valdés’ orchestra as well as Ernesto Duarte’s. Then he joined forces with trumpet player Armentero Chocolate to found his own line-up. From 1953 to 1963, the Banda Gigante became increasingly successful and helped Benny Moré rank among the greatest artists.

Rolando La ‘Serie was among the singers of the Cuban popular genre. Born in Las Villas in central Cuba, he made his first steps to music playing the kettledrums in Santa Clara’s local band. […] In 1945, he had become quite famous in Havana. […] He liked and was extremely gifted for imitating great singers.

In 1952, Benny Moré appointed him as his orchestra’s drummer. He was then noticed by the record company gema with which he recorded his successes. Gema had the great idea to have pianist Bebo Valdés’ Orchestra accompany him. Following this, Rolando La ‘serie became a star. […] He released over 30 records and won a Gold Disc in 1959.

Tony Camargo was renowned in the 1950’s big Cuban perios as one of the most gifted Mexican singers in the Cuban genre. He was lucky enough to play with the time’s best orchestras and had the privilege of singing in duet with Benny Moré. In the rare as well as precious songs featured in this compilation, Tony Camargo is accompanied by two of the Jazz Band genre’s “big shots”, chucho Rodriguez and Luis Gonzalez. (From the liner notes).

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man i wish someone would take on the project of removing the godawful reverb from these and from so many otherwise great recordings from that era of latin music.

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