Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - The Blue Trees (2001)

From time to time I like posting mini albums, especially if they contain (as is the case with Miró’s The Divine EP or this Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci little masterpiece) hidden treasures of shining beauty. Listen, for example, to the instrumental opener, a track that could have well been written by Bert Jansch or John Renbourn themselves. Or to the perfect folk-pop melody of Face Like Summer. Be prepared! «Cause I know that’s where it begins…»

«The Blue Trees shows Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci taking a giant leap toward maturity. Having started out like their Welsh peers Super Furry Animals as neo-psychedelic, rambunctious jangle pop merchants, the band here takes a folk turn toward elegiac tunes praising the four seasons and nature. […] These eight songs are appropriately memorable and melodic and there are more than a few instrumentals, but all of the songs take on a quiet, contemplative air. There’s simply not a drop of pretension to be found, as if every acoustic instrument is covered in a subtle dew. […] Wrong Turnings seems infused with the spirit of Nick Drake; it paints a serene picture of rural bliss. The band picks up the pace on Fresher Than the Sweetness in Water, while maintaining the grace of earlier tracks with the addition of what sounds like a mandolin and a violin (or fiddle). […] The slow-burning songs of The Blue Trees are delicately serene and of a charmed beauty.» (AMG)

«…but the highlight of the album is definitely Face Like Summer, a quiet piano ballad. The melody goes high in the oddest places, but ends up sounding just right. The folksy, multi-harmonized chorus is beautiful and thoroughly unique. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci is folk for indie pop lovers. It mixes great pop tunes with the dignified and melodic instrumentation and sound of traditional folk, with a tiny touch of rock and roll for good measure…» (Kathryn Cowles, Daily Utah Chronicle)

«With a face like summer, and hair like fire,
Could you be the one to let in.
Cause I know that’s where it begins.

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Radu said...


Anonymous said...

I had a collection of GZM but this Ep is really astonishing.

Anonymous said...

I am an old fan of GZM (1997) and I did start with Barafundle album (5 stars!!!) and I've been at their gig in Italy (1999)... they were great... Now we can only dream with their music...
For all who loved this album, please try:
Barafundle 1997
Gorky 5 1998
Spanish Dance Troupe 1999
How Long I feel summmer 2001 (?)

thanx and go on!

Justin said...

I adore this band. Thank you. R.I.P. GZM

eirebadboy said...

Awesome band and a great album!!

wooodenelephant said...

A great EP from a great band. This has been a big favourite of mine since it came out.
Nice one for sharing it, Radu.
Their last album Sleep / Holiday has some nice moments too.

Robin Banks said...

thanks :)

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