Ossian - The Best of Ossian (1994)

One of Scotland's finest folk bands.

"Formed in the mid-'70s, Ossian became one of Scotland's best-loved folk revival bands. Members have included fiddler John Martin, Highland bagpipe virtuoso Iain MacDonald, composer and multi-instrumentalist Billy Jackson, and singer and guitarist Tony Cuffe. The group broke up after Cuffe and Jackson moved to the U.S. The other members have remained prominent on the Scottish folk scene." (AMG)

Does anybody of you have some of Ossian's original albums? If so, it would be nice to post 'em here for everyone to listen (I only possess literally worn out tapes of their first two albums). You too can help to build Babe(b)logue! Many thanx in advance.

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danny said...

ho Dove across the water in cd e light on a distant shore e borders (lp rippings) e dovrei potermi procurare abbastanza facilmente gli altri.
Qualcosa ti padsso nei prossimi giorni.

I've Dove across the water on cd and Light on a distant shore and Borders (lp rippings).
I'll send you something within a few days

Radu said...

Grazie, Danny! Attingerò volentieri ai tuoi forzieri! Quando vuoi...
Nel frattempo, ti mando uno dei miei piccoli tesori...


Anonymous said...

Hi, Radu!

Thanks for all this wonderful stuff you're posting here! I'm always looking for new and different kind of music experiences, and you've introduced me to some great new artists!
I'm glad I can do something for you, I've got three HQ Ossian CDRs
(original CD's are very hard to find).

1. St.Kilda Wedding (excellent)
2. Seal Song (very good)
3. Borders (very good)

I'll rip them and post at Sunday,
11th. Would you like maybe that I send links to your email so you can post them properly? You can even choose rip quality!



Radu said...

Many thanx, Dizzy!
Yes, send me the links by e-mail, so I can post'em properly for everybody to see. As for the rip quality, I usually propend for 192 kbps, cause it's a good balance between file weight and quality.
Thanx again! And stay tuned, more surprises to come:)


Anonymous said...

thnks for the treat, friend

Radu said...