Stormy Six - Guarda Giù Dalla Pianura (1974)

For Guarda Giù Dalla Pianura, their third and most overtly political album, Stormy Six selected an assortment of famous protest songs from all over the world - from Woody Guthrie's The Union Maid to Inti-Illimani's Canciòn del poder popular, from Ewan Mac Coll's The Ballad of Ho Chi Minh to Fausto Amodei's Per i morti di Reggio Emilia. Vinyl rip. For more info (and links) about this important Italian band from the 70s check the preceeding Stormy Six post. Enjoy.

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Thanks. This is brilliant.
Any more ?

Lord Northcote

gidouille said...

Wow, I've never heard this, and I've been a fan of Stormy Six since the late 70's. Macchina Maccheronica is my favorite, but everything from Biglietto to Un Concerto is great. I've still not heard their previous two lps, nor the double live CD set, Megafono, which apparently shows their true diversity and talent for satire. Still, the last thing I'd have expected from these guys was Americana. It puts Biglietto, their own song cycle of the partisans' resistance, in a kind of context. Anyway, thanks.

Anonymous said...

ciaooo, sto cercando un altro lavoro degli Stormy Six, cioè "L'Unità", album splendido e decisamente misconosciuto.... Non è che per caso ce l'hai? sarebbe una splendida aggiunta al tuo blog.... e anche il succitato "megafono", pure piuttosto raro... graziee