Many thanx...

... to all of you who uploaded files for Babe(b)logue! And very interesting music, too. Let me say that I do appreciate your contribution, and I'll post them all in the next week-end.

To all Babe(b)logue readers: If you want to send me works by your favourite artists, you can post links and eventual infos in the comments section, or write me an e-mail to the following address: babeblogue@tiscali.it
I will listen to them all, and post all the materials that fit in the spirit of this blog.
Thank you for your attention, enjoy your stay in Babe(b)logue!



valery said...

OK, Radu. Thank you for this blog.

kin'kø said...

Always the Best for you, and a special thanks for this humanous Post !!!
Be your day all blue !