Tito Puente - Puente in Percussion (1956)

After having provided those of you who still have to stand winter’s harshness with the icy (yet heart-warming) textures of Bjornstad & Darling’s The River, I’m gonna celebrate yet another sunny day here in my hometown with this happy burst of hot energy and joie de vivre. In this almost fifty years old masterpiece, Spanish Harlem-born Latin Jazz pioneer Tito Puente, accompanied by talented musicians like Willie Bobo and Cuban stars Mongo Santamaria and Carlos «Patato» Valdez, gives us a showcase of his ability and creativity as a percussionist. A must have, I think, for all Latin music enthusiasts. Enjoy!

«Back in the late 60’s while in college and learning street rumba in San Juan, PR, I came in contact with this, then, LP. Basically if you, still in the 21 first century, want to apply for Congas, Bongos or Timbales 101, enroll in this short course. Although it should be intended for post graduated it won't hurt anyone trying to understand the Salsa phenomenom or Buena Vista Social Club grammy or just plain “Ritmo Latino”. Even if you just like to set up for Classic Latin percussion at it's best, simply turn this classic on and enjoy the magic.» (reader review, Amazon)

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urGreat Post. A CLASSIC!
Viva Tito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you. I've been looking all over for this. I just started studying conga (at 51) and this record is one *everyone* recommends.

ottogrunt said...

Inchini ed applausi.
Great job man, go on!!

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Thanks for this fantastic record
Tito Puente is the master of latin percussions

Great site

Thanks again
from Mexico

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thanks!!! awesome