Indian Ocean - Kandisa (2000)

I owe many thanks to Madhu from India for this wonderful discovery, that I really can’t stop to listen to.

«Indian Ocean, according to the band», writes Madhu, «is the sound of contemporary India getting to know itself. Presenting a unique fusion of traditional Indian folk, modern funk and groove, rock and jazz, blending western structures with Indian instrumentation and melodies, Kandisa, their second studio album, captured a sound entirely unique and yet entirely familiar. Kandisa not only uses Indian lyrics, but the title song itself is in the ancient Aramaic tongue.

Indian Ocean use a variety instruments, both Indian (tabla, tarang, dhol, gabgubi ) and Western (bass guitar, accoustic guitar, drums, electric violin) blending them seamlessly to result in one harmonious sound that truly captures the energy and spirit of a shrinking world.»

For additional info, you can check also the band’s official site, or its accurate Wikipedia bio, which sports another appropriate definition of its sound as «Indo-rock fusion with jazz-spiced rhythms that integrates shlokas, sufism, environmentalism, mythology and revolution».

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Sounds interesting, but link doesn't go anywhere.

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Such a wonderful assortment of intelligent, soulful music. Great blog.

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K Tal Radu? Me has convencido, me lo voy a bajar. Me da la sensación que me va a gustar mucho. En estos dias te digo algo.

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Pues si que me ha gustado. Otros grupos que mezclan estilos occidentales e indios, acaban dándole más importancia a lo occidental dejando lo indio en una anecdota, una tabla, un sitar, 4 notas... Esta gente hacen lo contrario, se acercan a lo occidental dándole importancia a lo indio, pero con mucha personalidad, tienen un sonido muy propio, diferente.Tenía pensado postear un disco de un compositor de música de películas indio. Para el ese disco es una "liberación", cansado de estar encasilllado en la música para películas...

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Por cierto te recomiendo el disco de Ravid Goldschmidt que está en mi blog.

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Gracias radu!!!

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Just found this site and I am truely amazed that it has taken me all these years to get here!

The collection of music and information is amazing.

Many congratulations for all your efforts and may the sun shine on you always.