Govi - Guitar Odyssey (1997)

«Every so often, a musician emerges who is quite unlike any that have come before; a musician that reflects not an imitation of styles and tones, but who embodies the entire spectrum of styles in such a unique way that "categorizing" is impossible. Guitarist Govi is one of those artists. A native of Germany, Govi spent eight years living in India. "My approach comes from the meditative and creative environment I experienced while living in India as well as playing with musicians from many different cultures and backgrounds," he says. It was there that Govi started playing the mandolin, mandola cello, sitar, bouzouki, charango and the 8-string ukulele. While in India, he also established a friendship with prominent German new age artist, Deuter. Their mutual admiration and respect led to Deuter co-producing Govi's debut album Sky High throughout which Deuter can be heard playing flutes and keyboards. […]

Govi describes his compositions as "the natural and inevitable result of moving deeply into the wellsprings of my creativity. My music is a reflection of my vision of life rather than mere notes on a sheet," he adds. The result is a deeply mystical quality that is both jubilant and pensive, music that ultimately reflects the dimensions of the human spirit in all its complexity and simplicity.
Judging from the accolades, fans are being taken to new heights of their own by Govi's uplifting melodies. Currently living in Hawaii, Govi contends that the overwhelming response he has received from listeners worldwide is heartening and keeps him going. […]

Govi sets the spirits soaring and the hips swaying on Guitar Odyssey, an intoxicating blend of guitars sweetened with breezy South American pan pipes and sensual rhythms. With a treasure chest full of tracks encompassing the high spirited 'Sails of Joy,' the soulful rhumba of 'Treasure Bay,' and the romantic tenderness of 'Your Lingering Touch,' Govi's virtuosity is showcased on Guitar Odyssey, a truly joyful adventure.» (Real Music)

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