Sorten Muld - Mark II (1999)

«A Danish trio, Sorten Muld consist in the main of Ulla Bendixen's very traditional voice mixed with a pile of samples and electronics masterminded by Henrik Esben Munch and Martin Dossing Ottosen. A number of studio players are tossed in for good measure, but they contribute only bits and pieces to the whole. The principle behind the group, and this album, is the re-envisioning of Nordic folk song, combining the traditional texts and melodies with a variety of modern production techniques. This kind of thing has been done for other branches of folk music, of course, but this effort has a wonderful tone to it that stems from Bendixen's powerful voice; there are moments when she carries the music directly across from raw folk roots to soaring techno-pop without losing the folk edge for an instant. Definitely one of the best techno-folk productions around.» (AMG)

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